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  • Get tax Relief - Tax you’d normally pay on your earnings goes towards your retirement instead.
  • Tax-efficient growth - You don’t pay tax while your savings are invested.
  • Tax-free inheritance - You may be able to leave pension savings to your loved ones tax-free.
Get the income and lifestyle you want

We work with you to put a long-term financial plan that suits you in place

Decisions you make today about your pension can have a big impact on your income and lifestyle when you retire. As with any long-term financial plan, the earlier you can start making pension contributions, the better. Clients we work with to help private pension advice tend to fall into three main stages of their lives:

  • Early stages of planning: Where to start, where and how to invest, and how much to save.
  • Approaching retirementPlanning at this stage can be more focused as retirement is on the horizon.
  • Enjoying retirement: We will advise, manage and give guidance about investment solutions in drawdown.

How we can help

Principle Investment can help guide you through the complex pension framework, giving advice on:

  • Self-invested personal pension (SIPP’s)
  • Small self-administered schemes (SSAS)
  • Personal pensions
  • Defined benefit schemes
  • Defined contribution schemes

Pensions are still one of the most tax-efficient ways of saving for retirement but have become increasingly more complex to understand due to many legislative changes. Let us help you! At Principle we simplify the language and the process to make it easier to understand. We have a dedicated, specialist team that can help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities for pensions advice that is appropriate for you. Pensions are one of our areas of expertise and as such as we can advise on private pensions and pension transfers, maximising pension contributions and more.

Tax relief at your highest rate on pensions is still available. This has become more complicated when calculating the maximum pension contribution without incurring an annual charge with the introduction of tapered allowance.

Our specialist team can help advise on maximising pension contributions, calculating your tapered annual allowance (if applicable) and using unused allowance you may have available from the three previous tax years.

When assessing income requirements from a pension, we will look at all other assets and investments to implement sustainable and tax-efficient strategies.

We have also helped several clients use the benefits of a SIPP to purchase a commercial property. Business owners have successfully used a SIPP to purchase their business premises. The benefits of this is that the commercial rent is treated as a business expense and the rent that is paid to the SIPP is free from income and capital gains tax within the pension.

If you need some guidance and advice to help navigate your way through the pensions maze, please get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

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