Independent Financial Advice

Financial Planning Tailored to you

We treat clients as individuals and as such offer a range of services with different solutions not solely based on a client’s wealth.


There is a common misconception that clients with smaller investable assets are less sophisticated investors which is untrue. The question remains about what is suitable for the client and satisfies their needs in the most appropriate way.

The needs of a retired client will be completely different to a young professional therefore the services reflect the different objectives and requirements of these people.

Our aim is to establish what those needs are and deliver the right proposition at an agreed cost acceptable to both parties.


Our Service Propositions

Wealth Management

This is a bespoke, premium proposition that delivers a service which is unique and tailored to helping you. It is ideally suited to clients with more complex financial needs who require the highest level of on-going service. Typically, clients opting for this level of service have assets under our guidance starting from £600,000.


  • Unlimited access to an adviser or client manager at any time and place suitable for you.
  • Bespoke financial and investment portfolios.
  • Access to investment online via our website, mobile app and secure encrypted messaging service direct to your adviser.
  • Strategy reviews to maximise net income and growth using various tax legislation at both personal and corporate levels.
  • Highly qualified, designated relationship manager will support your adviser.

Suitable For: Business owners, senior executives, and retirees enjoying their wealth. Clients using our Premium Service do so for peace of mind and to remove the hassle of financial planning and management where time matters.

Success stories: Wealth Management

Utilising available allowances to build up a large investment portfolio

Utilising Available Allowances to build up a large investment portfolio - Mr & Mrs Caley

Mr & Mrs Caley

Background: Philip and Helen have been long-term clients of Charles the…

Solution: Maximising ISA allowances in previous years mainly through stocks &…

Results: Philip and Helen are now able to enjoy their retirement…

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Enhanced Service

This service proposition is aimed at clients with complex needs or those who require an annual face-to-face meeting with a thorough review of their financial affairs. This service shares many of the benefits of our Premium Service level, except for frequency of adviser time. Clients using our Enhanced Service usually have assets under our guidance of between £250,000 - £600,000, or are relatively high earners looking to grow their assets to achieve financial freedom in the future. Clients work closely with a nominated adviser to ensure their plans are on track.


  • Annual face-to-face review with your financial adviser.
  • Access to a dedicated relationship manager.
  • Bespoke financial and investment portfolios.
  • Access to investment online via our website, mobile app and secure encrypted messaging service direct to your adviser.

Suitable for: Business owners, senior executives and high earning individuals with assets to invest of between £250,000 - £600,000. Our Enhanced Service is perfect for those who are looking to grow their assets over a period of time.

Success stories: Enhanced Service

Property purchase was facilitated by maximising pension contributions

Commercial Property Purchase facilitated by maximising pension contributions - Lancaster & Maloney

Lancaster & Maloney

Background: Directors of Lancaster & Maloney wanted to purchase a new…

Solution: Principle provided a thorough review understanding the client’s objectives to…

Results: Purchase was facilitated by maximising pension contributions using carry forward…

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Standard Service

Our Standard Service is designed for clients who recognize and value the need for an annual review with an adviser. This is important to ensure each client is reassured that their financial affairs remain as effective as possible. Reviews are carried out online or over the phone at a time suitable for the client. The service is ideal for individuals who have been £50,000 - £150,000 of assets under our guidance and who need advice but appreciate the service does not have to be delivered face-to-face.


  • Annual review and check-in to ensure plans are on track.
  • Access to a client manager to answer questions.
  • Go-to partner for all things financial.
  • Access to investment online via our website, mobile app and secure encrypted messaging service direct to your adviser.

Suitable For:
 Young professionals needing some guidance on where to invest for regular or lump-sum savings. This is an under-served but important market since adviser time can be expensive and cost-prohibitive for regular savings investments, so our Entry Level offer bridges a gap and makes investing accessible to all.

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Success stories: Standard Service

Financial protection for a young family

Financial Protection for Young Families - Jack and Gemma Shaylor

Jack & Gemma Shaylor

Background: Jack and Gemma became clients when they purchased their first…

Solution: Alex has worked with Jack and Gemma over the years…

Results: Jack and Gemma are a very good example of how…

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Which Proposition is right for me?

Answer some quick questions and we can point you towards some useful resources and direct you to services that might be of interest.

Where do you see yourself on the investment journey?
If cost was not a consideration, what standard of service would you ideally like to receive from your adviser?
Do you have savings and investments?
What is the value of your total net wealth? Your net wealth is not the amount of money you wish to invest, it is the total sum of all your assets (minus any debts, mortgages etc) including the following:

• Any property you own
• Your cash held in bank or building society accounts
• Any investments such as ISAs or unit trusts
• Any pensions you hold (other than the state pension)
• Shares or business assets
• Any other assets that could realise a monetary value
Which statement best summarises your investment needs?